OICA is governed by the General Assembly. The Organization’s operation and activities are directed by the Council. The Organization’s Secretariat is directed by the Secretary General, who also supervises the technical activities with the assistance of two engineers.


Yong-Geun KIM (KAMA- Korea)

First Vice President
Matthias WISSMANN (VDA – Germany)

Christian Peugeot (CCFA – France)

Vice Presidents
Mitch Bainwol (Alliance – United States)
Aurelio Nervo (ANFIA – Italy)
Dong Yang (CAAM – China)
Seiichi Nagatsuka (JAMA – Japan)
Vinod K. Dasari (SIAM – India)
Mike Hawes (SMMT-UK)
Thanawat Koomsin (TAIA-Thailand)


Secretary General and Technical Director
Yves van der Straaten

Deputy Technical Directors
Olivier Fontaine
Imran Cosadia