Three months after his first statements on the global Corona virus crisis, The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) President Fu today released the organization’s analysis of the current situation. Mr. Fu stressed the efforts by all auto companies worldwide to help overcome the difficulties and risks facing employees and the general public. He stated that “While the situation is improving, or even seems well controlled in many countries, much remains to be done. Auto manufacturers continue actively supporting humanitarian relief efforts by producing critical medical support machines and providing transportation to emergency and medical services. The industry is engaging in several projects with various governments or humanitarian organisations to help communities cope with the Coronavirus.”

The industry has demonstrated its resilience in these difficult times and, even if enormous difficulties remain, vehicle manufacturers and their vast supplier networks have generally resumed work and production, thereby propelling the world economy’s restart. Looking within the industry, though, reveals that the actual auto industry recovery will take time. Many more months are likely needed to accurately determine the size and scope of the industry’s path to recovery.

Mr. Fu stressed that “At this critical moment, we must all work to turn the crisis into a new opportunity. We can seize this opportunity to work together and to foster a better ‘new normal’ going forward. We can already learn new lessons from the epidemic:

  1. The virus knows no borders. This crisis is global and therefore needs to be tackled globally. To overcome the epidemic, the industry as well as the authorities and the public need to work in unity and help one another. And to revitalize the industry and maintain global economic and social health, we all need to work together and strengthen cooperation more than ever. Such international cooperation is a key attribute of the automobile industry; strengthening the coordination and cooperation in the industrial chain between countries will no doubt help power the world recovery.
  2. Quality and safety remain among the auto industry’s key priorities. Manufacturers continue focusing on continuous improvements to the safety and environmental performance of modern vehicles, whether cars or trucks.
  3. The auto industry will continue to revitalise the world economy and help shape the future of mobility in our society.
  4. Work and production resumption is underway globally, but normal business operations are sometimes still difficult because of various measures. This includes border control and travel restrictions. Even though much employee travel has been replaced by digital communications, we call on relevant organisations to enhance the coordination in restoring international passenger and, especially, cargo flight capacity. This will help ensure the successful arrival of international employees and the in-time delivery of international goods.”


About OICA:
The world association OICA was founded in 1919 and gathers 37 national trade associations around the world, including all major automobile manufacturing countries in Europe, America, and Asia. OICA is the only non-governmental car and truck manufacturers’ organization accredited to the United Nations and represents the technical interests in international institutions and organizations.
The OICA activities contribute to the worldwide diffusion of technology, experience and know-how, to the benefit of all countries. OICA coordinates the global harmonization of vehicle regulations. The member countries are committed to the improvement of road safety and environmental protection, and they actively contribute to the global harmonization of technical regulations and standards. OICA also collects and publishes international statistics and coordinates the yearly calendar of Motor shows all over the world.


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