View the OICA China Forum slideshow

CAAM and OICA held the “2011 OICA China Forum” in Shanghai

OICA appeals for Harmonised Intelligent Transport Systems standards to facilitate the accelerated deployment of connected vehicles

Patrick Blain elected President of OICA

Global Marketplace Roundtable: Key Messages

Rome MEET 2: A successful step towards Cancun UN Climate Change Conference

2nd Ministerial Conference on Global Environment and Energy in Transport – Presentation by Mr. E. Razelli, OICA Vice President

Our global road transport priority : Reducing CO2 emissions through an integrated approach

Repositioning in the automotive world. The challenges facing the global auto industry – the call for a new paradigm

Alliance President and CEO Dave McCurdy elected President of OICA

The economic crisis in the auto industry: Government action can help global recovery

The United Nations Uniform Technical Regulations for Motor Vehicles:  50 years of experience with the 1958 Agreement – The point of view of the vehicle manufacturers

Speech by Mr. Carlo Sinceri, OICA President, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Agreement on Uniform Technical Prescriptions for Vehicles

Climate change and CO2: Automakers publish a comprehensive position paper

Climate Change and CO2: Automakers set out their global view